Mr Bright release Two songs to celebrate Lagos and Chris Okotie

October 5, 2022 0 By Admin
The message music crooner,Mr Bright have released two singles entitled”Best of Lagos”  and “INeed Someone”.Whereas “Best’is to celebrate the”Made in Lagos “project and Lagos at 55,”Someone”is in celebration of Pastor Chris Okotie of Household of God Church,who originally made the hit populalar years ago.
Speaking in Lagos Mr Bright said the”Best of Lagos”was targeted on promoting top Nigerian brands globally via the social media and exposing the best of Nigeria in terms of tourism potentials and economy generally.
The song is actually a creative piece in which the singer used the names of top made in Lagos products,brands,cuisines etc to make a delectable am piano vibe that is dance-able and easy on the ears also.
“I Need Someone” on the other hand is a totally different version of the original and pleasantly tries to define the meaning of love.It totally different in mood,instrumentation and singing from Kris Okotie’s version and tries to introduce some gospel and rap music elements to excite the now people.
But all the same it made effort to retain the magic of the original,but in a World of today when a lot of people say they are killing for love(aka Boko Haram)and some say love is money and there are Baby mamas and Baby papas all over the music landscape,Mr Bright’s version of the song is very much welcome to remind the Baby mamas and Baby papas that God is Love.
Besides,its welcome to tell those who are presently “killing for God” across Nigeria and elsewhere”that Love is not killing and others that
‘Love is not Ferrari”
Mr Bright said he is celebrating Okotie essentially cause of his church Karis Award which has really done a lot to remember various Nigerian heroes and heroines and has not forgotten the down and out.
The artist also hails him for yearly supporting late May Allen Mofedamijo’s charity organisation which support elderly Nigerians and the in fame.