War Rages Against Nigerian- trained Doctors over cure for Pandemic

Dr Stella Immanuel, the Nigerian-trained US doctor who claimed she successfully treated 350 COVID-19 patients, is insisting that chloroquine,zinc,z-k can cure the disease.However,she’s not the only Nigerian trained medics making such a claim, Professor Maurice  Iwu,Dr Paul Ojieh and others claim to have cures.

But Immanuel had come under criticisms after a video where she made the claim went viral.Twitter and Facebook had pulled down the video which they branded as misleading.Despite the fact that the medic was advising doctors to approach COVID-19  from the perspective of saving human lives   because the virus is new just as Nigerian Minister of Health,Osagie Banire hinted recently.

Nigerians can recalled that the Founder of African Independent Television(AIT),Chief Raymond Dopkesi who tested positive to COVID-19 came out after testing negative to tell the world that he was healed by the use of Malaria drugs,this made the Presidential  Task Force(PTF) Head and Secretary to Government,Boss Mustapha to ask COVID-19 patients to stop disclosing the drugs they were given at the centres.

Apparently Dr Immanuel is not the only medic who claims to have cured corona-virus.Back in May our House of Representative passed a resolution asking FG to investigate and support our local cure for COVID-19.According to Ossy Prestige from Abia State, Professor Maurice Iwu,Chief Executive of Resources Institude of Nigeria disclosed that his team found a cure which had been conveyed to the Minister of Health etc

”The Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine Dept Ministry of Health has written to NAFDAC on the formulation of a possible cure for the management of COVID-19.Even as Anambra Traditional Medicine Board led by Reverend Father Raymond Arazu has announced that they have developed a novel cure for COVID-19.According to him Dr Paul Olisa Ojeih of Iris Medical Foundation Drugs and Pharmaceutical has a drug for COVID-19 treatment.

Despite the fact that NAFDAC has confirmed receipt of these drugs for testing two months later nothing has been heard from NAFDAC.Although the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) said safety studies show that Covid-Organics (CVO)from Madagascar do not alter the normal physiology of the animals.They seems tongue tied on the issue of the Nigeria made drugs sent to NAFDAC.

Obi Adigwe, NIPRD’s director general, disclosed   that Madagascar officials were hiding CVO analysis.“They are hiding a lot of things and I think it is possible that they know that they don’t have strong science backing up their claim. But our own analysis does not show any proof that it can cure COVID-19.” 

The excuse the US medical authorities and politicians who are bent on ensuring that Donald Trump was defeated in the forthcoming November elections used to dispatch the testimony of Dr Immanuel is that the drug she is taunting is unproven  by medical science.So which one is proven?non as yet

 In an interview with Click2Houston as was published in the Cable Dr Immanuel stressed that Herman Cain, US ex-presidential candidate, who died after contracting COVID-19, would have been alive if someone had given him hydroxychloroquine.

“No I’m upset. I’m upset. This is not, I’m not acting up, I’m not putting this up, people are dying. Like we just had news that Herman Cain died. He didn’t have to die. People saying he should’ve worn a mask. Yes, he should have if he didn’t have hydroxychloroquine,” she said.

“If someone would’ve given him hydroxychloroquine it’s most likely he wouldn’t have died. Just like every other people, just like every other person that has died from coronavirus did not have to die.”

Immanuel said the combination of hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Vitamin C and Z-pak, is a “whole treatment” and serves as a cure for the disease.

“By taking hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Vitamin C and Z-pak, tops, maybe $50-$ 60. You have a whole treatment for COVID,” she said.

“YES! It eradicates the symptoms, it eradicates the virus… We see patients, day one, we put them on hydroxychloroquine. They come back day seven, day 10 and they’re negative.”

She noted that the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) do not agree with her and also think she is dangerous because she is speaking the truth.

The two health agencies had dismissed the effectiveness of chloroquine in treating COVID-19 patients.

She said as of now, 400 patients have been treated by her, saying the patients can be interviewed to get the truth of the matter.

“Of course they think I’m dangerous because I’m speaking the truth. I said it many times. Number one: Ask Dr. Anthony Fauci, when was the last time he saw a patient?” she asked.

“When is the last time he put a stethoscope on a patient’s [inaudible] and I’m willing to ask him that. Number two: I’m still waiting for him to come and give me a pee sample to find out if whether he’s on hydroxychloroquine to treat himself. The studies that we did on hydroxychloroquine were done without Anthony Fauci.

“This is craziness, I have treated right now, over 400 patients. This is Houston. My patients are going to speak up. You’re going to talk to them. You can, you can interview. Put something on the news and call and tell people that have been treated to call.

“This is craziness. I don’t know what they are doing and somebody needs to tell me FDA, Anthony Fauci, WHO — why are you… why do you want people to die?”

Asked if she was not worried about losing her medical licence, she replied: “So you think I should defend my medical licence over people dying? Over people dying?

“Really. I should let people die because I’m scared. Or I should let people die because I’m scared of Anthony Fauci? I should let people die because I’m scared of the WHO? I’m not scared of any of them.

“I’m not going to let people die. And if they come after me, it’s going to be on! I’m not going to let people die. They can take my licence, then do it. I don’t even have a licence to defend. It’s going to be on.”