COVID-19:”You’re no different than a murderer”- Dr Immanuel

A Nigerian educated and United States based Medical Doctor,Stella Immanuel have said in a White Coat Summit that doctors who refused to prescribe  hydroxychloroquine,zinc and Zithromax for Americans dying of corona-virus because the are afraid of professional repercussions are no different than murderers.

Her argument being that if you wait till six months or more for the numbers while your patients die what happens at the end of the day you find out that the drug is perfect,saying there is no need for people to die

Going further she described them as murderers and called them ”good Germans” referring to Germans after the second World War who made unbelievable claims that they never supported the Nazis.According to Immanuel these cowards are”no different than a murderer…….You’re no different than Hitler”.

Moreso,She lashed out at ”professional hacks” who have criticised the use of  hydroxychloroquine.However,Immanuel is not the first person to say that the COVID-19 is roped in international politics.

Even in Nigeria which have experienced a low impacts than the US has achieved that by the use of chloro-quine and other drugs as test drugs with much success.In fact World Health Organisation which earlier barred the use of chloro quine in Africa has un-banned it and its being used in the continent as test drugs .And since much of the people dying in USA are blacks the medical authorities in US should extricate itself from the battle for American presidency and allow the use of the drug to save lives.Black leaders in the US should arise and stop allowing the lives of blacks to be sacrificed on the altar of politics because black lives matter alot.