COVID-19: Dr Immanuel says she treated 350 in US with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Zithromax.


 Nigerian-trained doctor, Stella Immanuel,  said she had successfully treated over 350 people in the United States with corona-virus disease with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Zithromax.
But since she made the statement hell seem to have broken loose as twiter,face-book etc have pulled her video- out claiming her claims runs counter to medical science ,saying the use hydrochloroquine is not proven.

Nevertheless she did not say she applies only hydrochloroquine to cure COVID-19 but hydroxychloroquine, zinc and is putting this piece as a way of clarifying to all and sundry that she did not say only hydrochloroquine but in addition to the other named minerals,vitamins and drug.

Immanuel who disclosed the above when she addressed the media  on the back of  America’s Frontline Doctors Summit in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. on Monday, July 27,had  first touted the effectiveness of the drug on April 27,2020.Nontheless,instead of the attacks she is currently getting in the Media the US authorities should investigate her claims and see other COVID-19 patient can benefit from her curative medicine instead dwelling on the claims that the drugs are not proven.

Prayers to God has not been proven scientifically but many say they have been healed mysteriously by prayers,now must people wait until prayer is proven by scientific institutions before they can pray?

Besides a look at history show that the US government never supported the Wright Brothers who invented aeroplane or even Edison when he invented the incandescent light and even refused permission that the light should be tested in any public building in New-York

.IT was the intervention of an owner of an private -estate had helped Edison and the intervention of France that made US get jealous over the invention of the two journalists-Wright Brothers.Today,those invention are now history.

However,the believe across the world is that the determined decision by the democratic party led by former President Barrack Obama ,the gay community and some Arabs and manipulated blacks are the problem this time in America.When Obama was in power he served the Arab world ,what did he do for blacks-it now he knows black lives matter.Yet he was in power for 8 years.Compare him with Don Brown who was not even president but served as Chairman of the democratic party.Compare their impacts on the African-Americans

Black leaders should quickly move to save the lives of their people and stop falling prey to Arabs,Iranians and others  masquerading as blacks supporters,who will after using’ black lives matter’ now dump them by the way side.This is purely politics and they should tread carefully.They should move to save black lives from covid-19.

In fact there are traditional medications that can take care of corona-virus which is not being allowed to come to light in AFrica too,so Dr Immanuel knows what she is talking about. 

EXCEPT:A curious observer of the events that have turned the world upside down has posed questions waiting for answers. He is the revered sage at Iris Medical Centre, asking, “Are Nigerians under a spell? What is happening can’t be ordinary, was a response by Dr. Paul Olisa Ojeih the Medical Director of  Iris Medical Foundation Drugs and Pharmaceutical.According to him ”On March 3rd 2020, I got a call from The Honorable Minister of Information Alhaji Lai Mohammed. It was a 5 minutes call. The call was centered on Iris medical foundation Drugs and it’s effectiveness in treating the Corona virus. I was blunt with the minister, I told him the truth I asked him do you people in Abuja want the Cure or you guys just want to be making billions from grants from America, WHO and other international agencies.

The truth is Covid 19 is a curable viral infection that we should not loose sleep over or fret over.

In 1985 there was a major viral out break in Tanzania. The fatality, was percent the death ratio was 10 infection to 9 death on a daily basis. The then president, Julius Nyanrere, invited Prof Dr Paul Ojeih Snr, founder of Iris Medical foundation who stepped into Tanzania and with in 3 months the virus was contained with in 6 months there was a cure.

That virus was treated with a phynto organic drug known as VENEDI ELIXIR. The virus was later classified as Ebola, virus.
I told Nigerians on social media that our government most especially The minister of health, The presidential Task force on Covid 19, The Ncdc, are reaping Nigerians off and making billions from this pandemic that never existed.
In my letter to the minister of information I told him that Covid 19 is perfectly treatable and curable.
I told the minister that I will infect myself with the virus under 73 hours that virus will be cured. I stake my name, my reputation and credibility that Corona virus is a curable disease.

Iris medical foundation drug and pharmaceutical has an authentic cure for this virus, a cure drived, from the enzymes of plants which is pharmacutically engineered to treat complex viral infection.