First, they started by attacking IPOB leadership as claiming Jewish, a position not shared by the generality of its members. On this, my opinion is that the Federal Government of Nigeria is as ignorant on this issue as the generality of the IPOB members that do not share the Jewish position of their leadership thereby using Christianity as a cover for their quest for independence. The truth is that the Jews were the first oracles of God. Judaism their religion was the first assemblage and gathering of Gods called out people through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joshua, David – down the line that later begot Christianity. 

We should remember, it was Moses that God handed over the ten commandments that became the basis of the laws governing nations, JESUS CHRIST when He was in the world was attending the Jewish synagogue for religious rites. It was because of their ignorance and hardness of heart by the permissive will of God, for the benefit of his larger human creatures for his salvation plan.

They did not recognize and appreciate their own and beloved owner, creator, and savior, which brought about the Christian movement/faith. Sirs, to address your ignorance, there cannot be any Christianity without Judaism( the Jewish religion)

, which is the bedrock of Christianity. This is conclusively established on the fact that Christianity is anchored on the books of the Bible, which consists of the Old and New Testament with over 85% of Jewish input. Both penmen prophets, priests, of course, its founder the Jewish Messiah of the whole world. It behooves on every Jew rightly and importantly and the European nations, most importantly the Americans that so much coveted this pearl of inestimable value by their startling phenomenal, quantum progress in extensively copying and borrowing from the Christian ethics and ethos. 

Even, if superficially, for the Bible says that ‘they that know their God shall be strong and shall do exploits’. Even they that believe in His name; so primarily Christianity is a Jewish movement, a gift to the world as a called-out people of promise and circumcision copied by the illumined progressives of the world to advance their societies to higher levels. 

So, the idea of IPOB leadership claims of having an interest in the welfare of Christians cannot be a ruse, rather a natural reaction. It is said that self-preservation is the first law of nature. So, it’s a truism that Jews and their religion found fulfillment according to their prophets in Jesus Christianity, who will soon shake the world to its foundation. It’s the duty of every true Jewry and Christians to defend their own anywhere/anytime as long as it’s not on matters of crime or evil.

Secondly, on the IPOB leadership claim of Jewish, true, or false? Well its on record in the Bible in Gen. 49:19. As Jacob/Israel was about to die, he called onto his sons and said, “Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days.” When it got to GAD’s turn the Father of ERI the progenitor of the Igbo nation. He said, “A troop shall overcome him but he shall overcome at last.” 

The history of the children of Israel is well known more than any other people in the world though small in size and number. It’s the story of God dealings with His people. During the dispersion of the children of Israel, GAD’s son, Eri’s wilderness journey landed him in the sub-Saharan, African Continent at a place called AGULU with his co-travelers which affixed his name to the place and known today as AGULU-ERI located in today’s Anambra State, southeast of what Britain cobbled together for mainly their interest called Nigeria. 

With all its obvious contradictions, then as he settled down to start life in his new territory, he built himself an abode and named it in memory of his father GAD and his home or family/ancestral is today known in Igbo parlance as OBU-GAD. Leaving historical land marks behind with some antiquarian Jewish relics and customs the hallmark of which is circumcision. So the Igbo’s are a people of circumcision from their Jewish inheritance and which validates the IPOB leadership claims and berthed Christianity. 

As about 95% of the Igbos are Christians. A very intelligent observer should notice that the world is influenced and ruled today more by the western nations that saw the wisdom and golden nuggets inherent in Judeo/Christian, ethics/ethos and value system and tilted towards it, thereby forming more easily a synergy with the Jews which is God-breathed.

I am miffed and amused at the same time at the advice of the Nigerian government to both Nigerians and the international community to be wary of the divisive campaign of IPOB. This is the biggest joke and portrays Nigeria’s federal government as jokers, corn-artists, and wicked and mindless lot. They want to deceive and hoodwink the international community to puddle after them in their antics to divert attention. As if they are talking to brainless people that cannot dispassionately assess things and do the right thing. 

This is a question of a pot calling kettle dwarf. What is the truth about this? The truth of this government claim is that it is a pure lie. The federal government of Nigeria has by this accusation on IPOB shown that they are a group of very wicked people lacking in integrity. The history of Nigeria will suffice.

The moment Britain who cobbled Nigeria together left its shores, Nigeria only lasted about only 4 – 5 years to plunge her citizens into pogrom and genocidal war that wasted about 2.5million souls of Gadite Biafrans and still counting. Just after 5 years of nationhood, then 50 years after that genocide, it has become a systemic mastermind to do everything including frustration to maiming and slaughter. 

They foisted a fraudulent constitution on Nigeria through their military. How many times have the Igbos been slaughtered in northern Nigeria in the past 50 years and on account of their religion and who they are and in their numbers? What is the purpose of Herdsmen so-called, marauding, raping, destroying other peoples’ farmland and means of livelihood and killings with the government looking elsewhere? A look at the federal government appointments will suffice. 

The international community should not forget in a hurry that it was at the peak of the genocidal war that a Jewish American teenage boy Bruce May rock, after watching in disgust and disbelief at the conspiratorial silence of their home government dramatized his angst by incinerating himself in the glare of the whole world in front of the United Nations Headquarters in New York in the country and land of freedom and a supposedly civilized world

They got away with that. 50 years after, they have continued in fool-hardiness with the feeling that nothing will happen. Thank God of Heaven and Earth for Donald Trump’s warning to the Nigerian government. What is the purpose of night ferrying of Almajiri young men who have no visible means of livelihood, which their home state governments rejected and dispersed to the southern state’s forests, possibly infested with the Corona Virus. 

So, the Nigerian government through its policies, actions, and inactions against the Gadite Biafrans that are guilty and culpable. It’s like beating a child and saying don’t cry. It’s as a result of all these that Nigeria is the capital of scam, fraud and all manner of multifarious corrupt practices, a nation where everything that works easily and smoothly in other climes becomes very difficult. A country where nothing works; filthy so which international community are they advising? 

They forget that the international community they are advising knows them inside out. The world now is not the world of 60 years ago, when they got away with a lot of shit. This is the age of IT. The issue of the source of IPOB funding of their exploits is no news why worry about them? Since they were banned and branded a terrorist group. Now the truth is out in the open, they are no terrorists but people seeking to actualize themselves, which is enshrined in the Nigerian constitution, the United Nations Charter, and the African Union Charter. Have the government told Nigerians and the international community, how the Boko Haram and herdsmen senseless escapades are funded, just to kill and maim? 

Concerning the Europeans and American congressmen, why express surprise at them, instead of at yourselves, they are not the quality of most politicians you have here. Cash and carry politicians bereft of ideas, integrity, and sense of purpose and mission. They do not depend on rigging and underhand practices to be in office as is the case in Nigeria. At least 80-90% of these men and women are people of high caliber, integrity, and no mean pedigree that will want to discharge their duty honorably to the best of their ability without personal gain, to the satisfaction of their people. 

The whole world knows today that Nigeria is in disarray and only held together geographically on gun-point, but for how long? That is the genesis of the kleptocratic culture and other monumental corrupt practices bedeviling her because nobody truly believes in her. Every person from top to bottom, every group is just scheming and angling for what he or they can grab as long as it exists. So the government should not try to pass the buck to other people, but should have to look at themselves in the mirror of their conscience and courageously admit their failings, shortcomings, inadequacies, poor judgement, wickedness, ineptitude and ignorance of what governance and leadership entails.

I bet and challenge Nigeria to turn over this country to the Europeans, Americans, and Asians just for 5 years, even in her present abysmal and hopeless state, and see if her citizens will not curse them forever. In disbelief at the transformation that will result. It’s because of the Nigerian foolishness and resultant instability that Nigeria; in spite of hundreds of billions of petro-dollar in income in the last 50 years has nothing to show for it, other than retrogression, filth, decay and strife, and moribund infrastructure and very corrupt and inefficient bureaucracy and burgeoning debt profile of the mercy of the International community.

The case of Nigeria is the case of biblical blind leading the blind or the one-eyed man else how can one explain her case. A country humongously blessed with both human and natural resources, that should be among the leading lights in the world and supposed to be playing in the big bowl, scoring home runs are now scums and serfs, international beggars, scoring negative in every positive index and vice-versa, cantankerous and garrulous. Only good at ground standing and braggadocio.

The government by their foolish and visionless approach to governance methods and pettiness have short changed the future of their younger generations and elites alike to imbibe and adopt the culture and mentality of Almajiri, Area boys, Agboro, Okoko and thuggery as the right way to live or advance into fraudulent and corrupt sharp practices. That’s, why the elites of whatever back and ground qualification and training including the so-called men of God abandon their calling to gravitate toward politics for a short court to opulence and aggrandizement while the less privilege and an educated mass categorized above will opt for thuggery looking for crumbs from the elites table.

As an elderly man and senior citizen of what is today called Nigeria, I have lived long enough to know Nigeria through and thorough and as one who does deep spiritual reflections on issues of life, I have come to the conclusion that the prophecy on GAD is reflected on ERI his sons, the Igbo’s and co-travelers, for that prophecy bear divine insignia and importance. So, watching Nigeria in her present state and confusion, I conclude that the battle is already lost and the government knows it. 

God is the one who establishes nations and pull-down nations. Who can challenge Him? He knows how to work out everything to his glory. Nobody can fool God. He, in these last days, has turned His face once more towards His chosen people. It will be well with all repentant children of Jacob/Israel everywhere, beginning with the full reclaim of Jerusalem under their authority, the city of His power and glory, the capital of His soon coming kingdom from the hands of the gentile nations, in readiness of His second advent, as prophesied thousands of years ago by our Judeo/Christian prophets. I am not in any illusion about this. REQUIEM NIGERIA.

Finally, my immense thanks and profound gratitude to United States President Mr.

Donald Trump, for displaying extraordinary spiritual insight, common sense, and courage in his uncommon leadership style in modern political governance. I also will be praying for God to keep him until he has accomplished ALL HIS WILL through him TO HIS GLORY. Ndewo Nwanne Mmadu! Alaigbo na Ekene O!

Ozua Okpala inspired septuagenarian common-sense contributor on topical issues with reference to the scriptures.