70 Checking Points on The Road to South East and South South

Buhari Admin. Committing Economic Sabotage Against Nigeria–Travelers

Many travelers to the South East and South South during the xmas and New Year celebration after going through the horror of surviving over 70 police,Military ,Civil Defense etc check points say the policy is nothing short of economic sabotage against the Nigerian nation.
According to most of them the suffering was even more odious when they discovered that the trucks and trailers of Dangote Group owned by a fellow Fulani as President Muhammadu Buhari were usually allowed to pass without searching.
As some told us the journey which normally should be an 8hour one or below to say Enugu State has been turned into a 14 hour affair and one which your vehicle is expected to pay illegal tolls(bribes) to the security officers and their agents who collect the tolls at various checking points.
In fact,some of the travelers allege that the checking points were just extortion points via which billions if not trillions of Naira have been stolen from South South  and South Easterners as well as other Nigerians plying the route.And because of the man made grid-lock the transport fare to the area went through the roof as well the cost of goods and services in that part of Nigeria has been upped because of the longer hours on the road,the fueling required and the illegal tolls paid by vehicles.
Speaking on the situation,Chief O.O.Obioha ,a Businessman who just came back from the East said whoever introduced the policy should quickly dismantle them as it is nothing short of economic sabotage against Nigerian nation.
He said if such was existing in the North East or some parts of North Central because the Boko Haram issue and Fulani herdsman it could be explainable but not in the South East.
For Okechukwu Ukoh founder Igbo Youth Movement(IYM) and top Igbo leader,the over 70 checking points is an indication that the East is under siege,saying it is the sort of thing the youths see and begin to campaign for Biafra because Nigeria is obviously against their interest from all intent and proposes.
He said the existent of such police and military policy against the East and South South should the derision and hatred with which the current occupant of Aso rock holds the people of those areas.
Others who spoke to us under condition that their names wont be mentioned said it appears there is a plan to lock down Nigeria,saying the Apapa grid lock in Lagos makes it almost impossible to import or export goods,the Benin Republic border is closed making export or import of goods and services hard and the East and South South is also jam -locked with over 70 checking points.
One of the asked ominously:”What is happening to our father land Nigeria?What is happening to our economy?”
It would be recalled that The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry has asked the FG to once again reconsider its decision to close the nation’s land borders. Director General of the Chamber, Muda Yusuf, made the call  asking government to reappraise the situation. Nigeria’s land borders were permanently closed to all goods in October after a period of temporary closure that was announced in August. The temporary closure was supposed to last for 28 days.

The Director General of LCCI said legitimate businesses are suffering due to the closure. The LCCI boss was also critical of the border closure being primarily based on the illegal importation of foreign rice from neighbouring countries.Said he”It’s not just about rice,” he said. “The (Nigerian) economy is bigger than rice.”He added that “We need to look at the wider implication of some of these policies. That is why I think government needs to rethink this policy.”