Anambra Can Reap Billions of Naira From Culture and Tourism-Deputy Majority leader Anambra

  • The AYAYA Carnival Ufuma which was held over last weekend could be described as the  best ever as it witnessed the presence of the high and mighty in Anambra State as it was graced by the Governor of the State ,Willie Obiano, Emeka Aforka,Deputy majority leader of the house of Assembly, Igwe Chika S,Uchime,Diji 111 of Ufuma, Hon Ifenyinwa Obinabo, the special Adviser to  Anambra  State Governor on public Orientation and special Duties etc
     It also witnessed the first  Carnival Dinner  party which was held at the home of the Hon Emeka Aforka,Deputy majority leader of Anambra,House of Assembly. 
    In his speech,Hon Aforka said he would hence-forth sponsor the Ayaya Dinner event in order to promote culture and tourism in the State which he said can make billions of Naira yearly if well channeled.
    He asked Anambra millionaires and corp orates to support people like Dazaa Dazaa who is promoting IGBO culture both home and abroad,saying that the State government will do all in its power to see that the State succeed in the areas of showbiz,culture and tourism etc.
    During the day  event, there were lots of people from all parts of the globe some where from the  USA,Italy, Germany etc and it witnessed various cultural performances.
    Speaking at the event: Hon Ifenyinwa Obinabo, the special Adviser to our Anambra  State Governor on public Orientation and special Duties who represented the Governor stated the readiness of the State government to continue to approve and support the carnival because of its cultural value and tourism potentials.
    He said that the State government is happy with the effort of Dazaa Dazaa in promoting the culture of Anambra across the world and it would only be expected that such a man who has worked so hard to maintain the Igbo culture is encouraged and supported.

    At the Dinner  party and performance the  chief host  of the event Hon Emeka Aforka, deputy majority leader of the Anambra house of Assembly said he was grateful by the honour done to him by hosting the event in his  house and went ahesd to pledge that he would henceforth sponsor the event fully in the overall interest of the the tourism development of Anambra state .
    The performance at the the Carnival night party featured Dazaa Dazaa and Springwater,DJ Jovia from Sapientia FM Onitsha,MC Hon Ifenyinwa Obinabo and Media productions by Dazaa international team. 

    According to the organisers of the event from 2020,there will AYAYA Carnival Ufuma during the day and a Dinner  party at Ndiowu-the towns are in Orumba North LGA of Anambra State. 
    Speaking to us after the event Dazaa Dazaa decleared that he was happy with the support he  and his band the Spring waters is receiving on AYAYA carnival,adding that his plans is to introduce a catch them young show that would enable the discovery of young showbiz talents from the state.
    He thanked the state governor and his team for that support for the promotion of Igbo culture,saying its a good thing to do at this point to boost revenue from culture and tourism.