Style By Zenith:Why I love and Hate Nigeria-Lehn

By Bright Ewulu

Apart from creating avenues for Nigerian fashionistas and creative talents to shine,Zenith Bank Plc also via its Style fair brought in some foreigners to show the way on high global fashion.

In chat with Krista lehn she told us that style By Zenith was what brought her to Nigeria the second time in her professional life .

And Speaking on why she loves Nigeria she hinted that the country is very exciting,energetic and busy. Apparently she is some one who loves to work .

However,the downer for her is that being from the western part of the world Nigerian climate is very hot and uncomfortable to her .Obviously Lehn is not yet into the Nigeria music” machine” as she could not really tell us her best Nigerian song or musician.

In fact , the African song she selected as her best song”Johanah” was not Nigerian .It was,in fact , her male colleague and countryman that disclosed to her that the song although African was not Nigerian in origin.

Really,Style By Zenith brought together so many people across the globe in the overall interest of the Nigerian nation.