Prof Adeniji,Alhaja Ojikutu and FVT Founder Blame Loss of Values for Nigeria’s Dev. Crisis

The trio of former Deputy Governor of Lagos State,Alhaja Sinatu Ojikutu,Professor Bolade Adeniji of Lagso State University and Founder Foundation for Value Transformation(FVT),Segun Caulcrick has blamed loss of values for Nigeria’s socio-political and economic crisis.

Therefore ,they posited that Nigeria’s transformation will only work when the nation and its people embrace its core values as enshrined in the constitution.

The trio who spoke at a Stakeholders Leadership Forum Organised by the National Orientation Agency(NOA) and FVT held at NECA building Ikeja ,Lagos stated the over arching need for Nigeria to embrace chapter 11 section 23 of our constitution which listed the values of patriotism,integrity,social justice,dignity of labour,self-reliance and religious tolerance as the core values of our nation.

In his contribution,NOA State Director,Wahid Olalekun stated that negative values would sink Nigeria while the adoption of positive values will enable the nation move high in achieving its developmental objectives.

He called on all Nigerians to join the bandwagon led by NOA to change our national tragedy of upholding decadent values that are to our own detriment,saying that a mass movement of Nigerians in support of the current effort will enable the change we all seek for our father land.

Going further,Ojikutu opined that the change effort to transform Nigeria will succeed or fail depending on the way it is communicated to the Nigerian people,even as she urged NOA to stand in the gap by ensuring that Nigerians are consistently made aware of the bad habits we should abandoned and the ones that must be embraced for our betterment.

Prof.Adeniji said we should find a way as a society of rewarding positive values and repudiating negative ones,Going on he blamed the Biafran civil war and the after- math as well as military for Nigeria’s loss its core values.

FVT founder maintained his perspective that leadership can not change Nigeria in the area of values re-orientation without the support of the people,saying”the transformation must come from the people”