Zenith Music Festival: Flavour Beat Them All

By Bright Ewulu

The out come of Zenith Music Festival would have been that of sadness for me if not for the performance of Flavour and Mayorkun and of course the duo of the DJ and Mc of that night who added comedy as well as hilarity to the excitement etc.

For one, because of my insistence of being at that event which took place at Habour point Bar-beach,V.I. Lagos the journey took me by way of Obalende ,where i lost my andriod phone .Hence it would have been a multiple loss if one had not been entertained with some meaningful beats and songs.

The funny bit to it all is that am never a fan of Flavour or Mayorkun who like most other Nigerian artistes one feels are just leveraging on lewd songs and naked girls to sell records and videos.But it would appear that the dou are moving away to do songs that have some meaning.

For Flavour it is his effort into gospel music and folk songs.And for Mayorkun his latest romance song “its not true “seems to be meaningful.

Apparently Phyno was as good as always but he appeared tired and his voice was out of tone and harsh,indicating that he was coming from another show.His song ‘Father Father” was always a crowed puller and it was proved that night again especially when Olamide joined him on stage.That partner -ship was the best they delivered for the night.

As Phyno left the stage,he seemed to go away with the shine as Olamide was apparently too fagged out or too fat to delight the crowed.But his eternal fans cheered on hoping that the magic of the baddoo will arise .But it never did.

The MC and the DJ returned and tried to continue where they left out but the 2am time was too far for some to wait ,so the crowed began to thin down even as some joined the ensemble.But just after 12am it became obvious that the party could not last long as some in the crowd began to take solace from the food court where the organisers made sure the drinks and food are available for those who wish to buy.

However,a heavy rain descended around after 1.18am or so to bring every one scampering to the well airconditioned hall of the show ,apparently bringing it to an end.

Zenith Bank should thank Flavour because not only that he swyed the crowd to no end but he was the only only one who put in words for the bank in his songs and his saxophonist was just delectable and sure.Others came eazy but Flavour as usaul came with a band doing it the hard way.

But it was all good for Zenith Bank because if Flavour was the last act the crowd of their customers who gathered at the event would not have allowed the show to end at 2am and that would have posed further problems .

One never mentioned the emerging guy from THE STABLE OF Don Jazzy,Rhema because he is just a young act but he is already gaining momentum and the night showed that his stage performance is getting better and that his hit song is making some dents on the charts.kodos to him.

As he told us saturday night from the stage”i am a proper Benin boy”.And i was wondering’how come he is singing in igbo too”Perhap one of these days we will lern more about him.