Nigerian Economy will not Transform with On-going Security Crisis-Experts

Experts that spoke at the 3rd Prestige Magazine Annual Award and Lectures have said the nation’s economy will not transform unless order is brought to our poor security situation.

Speaking at the event Babajide Otifiju ,General Manager Television Continental (TVC)stated that the economy is in dire -straits as the FG expends 70% of its income on debt servicing.However he added that to improve our revenue and boost economy we need capital but that inflows of capital is drying up as a result of capital flight which owes to the security predicament in the country.

For Debo Adinirin of Centre for Anti-Corruption and Leadership(CACOL)to eliminate the security crisis we need to check economic degradation and socio-political injustice in the land.

This he said is due to the fact that the crisis is caused by socio-political and economic exclusion of the masses,saying a reduction in corrupt practices in our polity and society will enable the amelioration of poverty in the land.

For international media personality ,Wofia Samuel there is need for the government in power to promote unity among Nigerians so as to bring peace to our situation.

She callded for more trade between African countries,stressing that this will not only boost African economies but also ensure political understanding between African nations