MKO Abiola Family Takesover 400 acres Ayobo Land,Pledges to be Kind to Squarters

The family of late MKO Abiola has dampened fears that its legal victory on over 400 acres landed property at Ayobo will lead to the demolition of the community.

According to the head of the family Alhaji Murtala Abiola and the Lawyer to the family,Victor Olajide MKO was a kind man and the family will treat with care illegal squatters who moves quickly to regularise their ownership with the family.

As they stated in a Press briefing held at the Nigeria Union of Journalist(NUJ) Secretariat,Ikeja,Lagos the court has granted them possession of the land ,but its not their intentions to demolish peoples properties with out giving them the opportunity to regularise their stay knowing the vagaries of life in Nigeria today.

The eldest of the Abila children,Ola Abiola said the land was owned by the father,who was in fact the first to go to court as land grabbers were already stealing the while he was alive.

He said when MKO Abiola passed on every attempt to make people see reason failed ,leading to the current situation where even churches,schools and mosqueS etc can be found in that community,all illegally acquired .

Speaking further,the Lawyer to the family said the illegal buyers of land at Ayobo have themselves to blame as the duty is on the buyer to do due diligence before he should purchase a property .

He disclosed that some property owners are already liasing with the family to regularise their situation,saying that Ayobo is at peace and that publications in the media about attacks by area boys are fake news reports,stressing that what happened was that the Abiola family on March14,2019 took possession of their land at Ayobo in accordance with the rule of law.