NEM , Continental and Diamond Bank Plc Removed from the NSE CG Index

Following the launch of the Corporate Governance Index of The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE CG Index) during the inaugural Corporate GovernanceRating System (CGRS) certification ceremony held in Lagos on Thursday, 22 February 2018. The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) hereby informs the investing public that three (3)companies namely: NEM Insurance Plc (NEM Insurance), Continental Reinsurance Plc and
Diamond Bank Plc (Diamond Bank), have been removed from the NSE CG Index with effect from
01 January 2019.

The Index Governance Committee of The Exchange (the Index Committee) resolved to remove
NEM Insurance from the NSE CG Index following the suspension of the CGRS rating of the
company by the Steering Board of the CGRS on Monday, 19 November 2018

Additionally, in view of the recent governance issues with Diamond Bank, the Index Committee
has decided to remove the Bank from the NSE CG Index.

The Index Committee also decided to remove Continental Reinsurance Plc from the NSE CG Index
following the company’s application to NSE to delist from the Daily Official List of The