WEMA Bank Wont Sack Workers Over Banking Disruption-CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of WEMA Bank PLC,Ademola Adebisi has said that the bank will not sack workers as result of the
threatening fintech. disruption of banking as we know it across the globe,saying that WEMA would be employing the retraining option
to ensure it survives.

According to him from experience changes in technology does not necessarily lead to unemployment but a change in the skill set needed in
the job market,hence his position that the staff of the bank must be ready to improve their proficiency on the skills needed in the market-place

Adebisi who was speaking at Association of Senior Staff of Banks Insurance & Financial Institutions(ASSBIFI) WEMA Bank chapter yearly symposium held at Airport Hotel recently disclosed that the bank’s WEB banking innovative service ALAT since its launch in May 2017 have enrolled 200,000 customers and has carried out about 900,000 transactions ,amounting to N12 billion .

He therefore urged ASSBIFI members to work hard and support the bank’s effort,saying the success of the bank would mean better-life for every one.

The National President of ASSBIFI,Comrade Oyinkansola Olasanoye in her comments praised the WEMA Bank CEO for his support of the workers unions,but warned ASSBIFI members not to take the CEO for granted in their push for the best deal for the workers,stressing that they must understand that the CEO is representing an interest in the bank.

She urged them to shy away from making needed contribution in the overall effort to prosper the financial institution,maintaining that the success of the establishment is in the hands of the workers,hence they should give their all to ensure success.

Finally the Unit President,Comrade Olushogo Oyebanji thanked all gathered for gracing the occasion ,pledging that the union will continue to give its best in the interest of the workers.