Why ECA WILL Boycott 2019 Presidential Polls

The horror of the brazenly manipulated Osun rerun elections confirms the fears of all and sundry,that this inept federal government,will never allow a free,fair and credible presidential elections next year,hence ECA would be boycotting the elections

According to Chief (Mrs)Maria Okwor, Deputy Leader and Evangelist Elliot Ugochukwu Uko ,Secretary of Eastern Consultative Assembly,the daylight robbery in Edo plus the brutal show in Ekiti has warned the world of what to expect in 2019.As they posited the macabre dance of shame in Osun,has removed whatever doubts remaining in our minds,that 2019 elections will be sham elections.

“The ruthless use of security forces to oppress and intimidate supporters of the opposition,the clear employment of the army,the police,the DSS,and other government security agencies in open aid of the ruling party,plus the subtle endorsement of vote-buying,all, have made it impossible for us to have confidence in the electoral process as managed by the present government.

“Accordingly, we find it difficult to cue in the hot sun to cast our votes,only for a vicious cabal with a born-to-rule mentality,to ensure our votes do not count.

ECA leaders said their people desirous of voting in local elections (governorship and state assembly) may vote, if they so wish. But we will boycott presidential elections in order to allow General Buhari rule his Nigeria with iron fist until he is 130 years old.

As he put it, we know why all military and security agencies are deliberately placed in control of one particular region, now we know why the 97%/5% policy of the central government is implemented with single-mindedness.
Because decision has already been taken, that votes will not count, even INEC has also been placed under total control by the ruling party. Why would any sensible person, bother to go out to vote.

Their press-statement maintained that the confidence of the people in the electoral process, has been completely destroyed by the armed robbery that was OSUN RERUN ELECTIONS, saying that the fact that the perpetrators of that heist, are boastful about it, confirms that we are in big trouble as a country.
“Going through the brigandage and pillage of the former ruling party, only to fall into the hands of this ruthless and vicious cabal, is a costly mistake. We hereby apologise to the IPOB, who saw clearly, earlier than anybody, that this inept government do not have the intention to ever conduct fair and credible elections.”