Why OBJ Presidential Library is a must Visit in Africa-Mrs Ogunleye

The Senior Adviser Children Education Safety &Tours Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential library,Mrs Olanike Ogunleye has said that the library is a must visit because it has a lot on offer to capture interests of various individuals.

According to her that is the essential OBJ,he does things to touch people of various inclinations in a special way,saying that the library has a lot to excite tourists,educationists,holiday makers,researchers and nature lovers.

Ogunleye who spoke to our reporter during the recently held National Schools Fair which held at Airport Hotel Ikeja,Lagos said the edifice of a library is the 14th to be built across the globe and has a museum,a zoo,a bookshop,a hotel etc .

Also,she disclosed that the campus like structure contains The Institute for African Culture and International Understanding,The Centre for Human Security,Green Energy Demonstration Initiative,a church and mosque

The library houses over 42 million books, documents and archival materials including the former presidents primary school uniform, shoes, military uniform, his first car and other personal belongings.