The Chairman ,Board of Trustees of the Centre for Constitutionalism and Demilitarisation (CCD),Dr Sylvester Odion Akhaine’s prediction that restructuring of the country will come to fruition despite opposition against it by the powers -that -be in Nigeria is coming true given the change of view by All Progressive Party (APP) Leaders on the matter.

As the CCD Chairman had said during the 15th edition of its  annual democracy lecture which held in Lagos recently:”Let me add that whether the current crop of leadership likes it or not,there will be auto-restructuring.The dynamics of global political economy points in this direction”

He posited that it was sad that those in power had refused to autonomise the nation’s  component units so that they can harness their natural and human resources to achieve the goal of development,saying that the leadership has enormous resources  within its capacity to revamp the economy .

According to him the above failures have led to the situation where our citizens are largely unemployed and have seemly become “commodities in a 21st century slave markets of North Africa and Europe where their organs are harvested”

Going further Dr Akhaine warned against unrestrained borrowings which the nation lacked capacity to pay,saying that government should lead the people  based on  our national interest and not based on interests that are parochial or sectarian.

Speaking on the sad situation of democracy in the African continent ,he bemoaned the fact that “everywhere you go in the continent there is leadership failure.The economic structure of society is comatose and some are even grappling with foundational issues of nationhood.Nigeria exhibits all of these pathologies.”He said.



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