Mayflower Old Students Urged to Contribute to National Development,Start SME’s


The President  Mayflower Old Students Association(MOSA)7883 Class Set ,Mr Oyemade Olubi has called on all members of the association to contribute to National development by raising needed issues in the overall betterment of Nigeria .

Speaking at the 35th Re-union  Business Forum of the Association which was graced by many old boys of the school,he said that that was the tradition set by late Founder of the school,Tai Solarin and that the onus is upon the old boys to follow that good example.

Contributing at the event,Mr Olaleke Adeniji,a top Ogun State based politician urged his hearers to join the political bandwagon in order to better the developmental situation in the country,maintaining that its when more positive like -minded -politicians enter the murky waters of Nigerian politics that the expected positive changes will come to Nigeria.

According to him to survive in Nigeria’s political life one must apply wisdom,be dogged,must be a team player and a man or woman of integrity who the spoils of office can not sway etc.However,he posited you can only become a strong voice,politically speaking, through your length of service or financial contribution to your party or members.

Dr Rotimi Akinlesi,Deputy Director,Ogun State Agricultural Programme in his lecture tagged”Exploring Business Opportunities in Agriculture”advised those gathered to invest in Agriculture as a viable lucrative business.

According to him the Agricultural value chain holds great opportunities for those who may want to explore that area of business,saying that one can invest on fish farming,Rabbit production,Ram fattening,snail production,cassava farming,tree planting business and so on.

The topic “Developing the Business of Self(A Legacy from Tai Solarin)”,by Mr Babatunde Ajibade said that every human being have what he loves to do and a gift from God and that the onus is there for us to create the obsession needed to succeed and transform it into a business.

As he stated”Whatever passion you have start it,even at age 60.Start small and don’t allow people to discourage you.Self business is not about money,its about generational business .If you cant achieve it fully God will use your children or children’s children to achieve or full-fil  it.

“Lets find out what we really love,what have been in our mind since we are kids.Lets find it and attach a higher  orglobal purpose for these things we love and build a business around it.”