The annual  conference tagged, “The winning Edge” was one that saw a lot of surprises happening. In the sense that most of the achievers on display showed too clearly that all that glitters are not gold and that the road to stardom and greatness is strewn with pot holes and gullies most of the time.


However most of the resource persons that spoken at the event seems to hold that one must be :

  1. humble
  2. Dress the part or package himself appropriately
  • Read or study voraciously
  1. Make their opportunities and shouldn’t wait for opportunities


The above points where like sing songs from the various speakers from very divergent backgrounds. If there was any point made at the event which was not stated in proceeding paragraphs; it is the idea that God is a very important factor in the life of man. And that it’s the responsibility of all people on earth to discover their God given purposes and go ahead to fulfill them. For Ace comedian, Holy Mallam (Adebayo Ajibola) purpose is very different from assignment, talent and hobbies. He in fact said that many people are suffering today unduely because they are unable to find what their purposes are on earth.


He ,therefore, enjoined people who have achieved fame or success not to let it go to their heads so that they are not disgraced. He said he is well aware the comedy he is into was his assignment on earth and that his focus is to do it in the way and manner God will be pleased with him. And not just to please the fans, maintaining that for one to catch his talent he must develop character. Chronicling his background, he revealed that he came from a very poor family from Ogun State and that he used to be very shy and could not fathom that comedy would ever be his occupation. He revealed that he used to wear hats just to help him manage his shyness.


Going further, he owned up that the talent was inbuilt in him as people always laugh whenever he speaks: For reasons he could not explain. Hence his position that every human being should be respected because God is the creator of all and sundry. According to him he is a believer in the Nigerian nation as his mother is from Niger State in the North while his own wife is from Abia State in the Eastern part of Nigeria. He is now married for 11 years, adding that if it takes 10 years to build a brand that means his manager has passed the test.


The Director of Programmes – TVC, Morayo Afolabi Brown in her own interaction revealed that before as she come back to Nigeria after graduating from an American University she felt special because God saved her from a horrible motor crash in which her American Doctors said she will never walk again. She said she was on clutches for eight months after coming back  from coma. While  in America many people said they could not understand why she wanted to come back to Nigeria.


But she revealed to those who graced the  conference at Terra Kulture, Victoria Island ,Lagos that being a practicing Christian, she had sought direction from  her make, who gave her the word “re-orientation”.So she wanted to come to re-orient the Nation’s film Industry (Nolly Wood) which she felt needed transformation. But when she came she started working in a bank- where she was soon fired and she lost  her fat salary, car and other pecs of office that come along with serving in the financial sub-sector. It was not an easy time for her as the bread winner for her family in Nigeria.


Her faith led her to now dust her CV and put up an application which led to her miraculous employment by phone. However, instead of employing her to work in the programme department, she was taken to the administration department and posted on a construction site -from where she later joined the programme section and rose to senior management position.


For her,  to succeed, the person would need to be close to his or her God, be humble, be loyal to friends and family, offer credible leadership and have a platform to serve.


The convener of “Winning Edge”, Wale Tejumade spoke of the same factors, saying that most of the resource persons that graced the event had not met him in person before the Saturday event. This he said “gives credence for me to network with other human beings and to have integrity.” Even as he disclosed that the idea for the event was revealed to him since 2009 by the spirit of God and that it was not until many years later that he started working towards it.


According to him life is not eazy, there will be high points and low points in life but we keep faith with God during the high and the low point of life. Even as he disclosed that the ideas for the event came at a low point in his life.


Going on, he revealed that one can discover his pain. And in his view the two most important factors in the life of any person bent on achieving purpose or greatness is vision and the power of network. He said he saw the vision for winning edge very clearly and that it was power of networking that enabled him to achieve it.


Said he “your track to the next level is one person away” You need people, you can do little or nothing without people. When you get your purpose then you begin to serve. I’m just meeting holly Mallam, Gloweeyah and Moraya just this morning. So I used people to get them because of integrity and character. In branding perception about you is very important.


“Ladies and gentlemen, if you have opportunity to serve, serve. Moraya was posted to a construction site. But she kept doing it and that was how she was discovered by the Managing Director,” he said.


However, in the views of the Real Estate Manager, Obafemi George to make a success in Nigeria one needs to go to the extra mile in whatever his business is. According to him the big boys can give way to you.Said he: “success is not difficult and it’s not a mystery. If they tell you its God’s grace, it could be but God’s grace can be explained.”


The second point he dwelt upon was soft skills – your character, appearance etc saying “Look good, dress the part – perception is reality. There is a principle I want to share. The story of Joseph – when the king sent for him he shaved and changed his clothing. Yet the Bible said the spirit of God was with him. Don’t wait until you become a millionaire before you dress well.”


Going further, he mentioned relationship as one of the factors, maintaining that your network determines your net worth” also he urged his listeners to dream big and remember to raise protégés and help society by looking back. George stressed that when you get to paradise they will not  define you by the amount of money you have but by the lives you have touched.


In the views of Titilayo Oyinsan (Aka, Titi fanta) – parents should allow their kids and little ones to talk, even when they are battering. She said her mum told her to speak and today she is a broadcaster of note with Inspiration FM. However she said it was a tussle for her to go to school because her father was swindled and that changed the family’s living standards; when they returned to Nigeria to find the monies her father was sending home for their house were stolen.


Therefore, she had to do all manner of jobs to pay her school fees – she sold sweets in primary school. Served as a model, waitress as well as did journalism work with NTA just to be able to pay her school fees. She said in  all these tough years that she did not derail and that her mother has always been her biggest supporter and she did not want to fail her – because she was the one who asked me to speak.


She said “one work” she did that projected her was a modeling participation in a Fanta advert in which she was paid next to nothing. But the advert made her very popular as people began to call her” Titi Fanta.” She advised all those who think once you made it to the top your fears will go away that it is not so, as you will always face fears in life but that’s up to you to be courageous in other to achieve things despite your fears and uncertainties .


As a parting shot, she stressed “Give of yourself- There is no way you will give without receiving


In the views of Music-Produce, I.D. Cabassa(Olumide Ogumade):Christians need to take the word of God to the world because they are the salt of the world. According to him people are today taking the word to the church instead of vice versa. He, therefore, urged Christians not to wait for opportunity but to make their own opportunities saying that it has  always been his style as a music- producer. As he said, the Bible said in Isaiah 60 v1: “arise, shine for the glory of the Lord has risen above you.” “God said go ye to the world and preach the gospel.”


Moreso, I.D. Cabassa campaigned that people should think deeply about the word they are given, stressing that “the highest spiritual part of you is to think” .He said apart from hearing preachments from their pastors that children of God should go further by reading the Bible and thinking deeply about word of God.


Also, the popular producer of the artist known as 9ice said that talent is not enough to achieve success. According to him, “but like everyone knows potential is not generated If you don’t work hard, your talent is a means to your purpose. I was a banker and went to the music industry to make a change.” But he warned those seeking success that “you need to stop thinking just surviving to thinking success. You need to stop defining yourself by what you wear, where you live or your carrier.


“Define yourself with purpose whether you are touching and changing lives etc – not by money.”


Pastor o.Shoriya, CEO, Power Parenting Campany came on stage and it was rowdy as the audience raised the roof so much so that he had to take some time to quieten  them down and then went ahead to make some profound statement that “The pursuit of knowledge is the strength of civilization” and quickly lashed on the fact that “we are in complex times you will never be so important that people have to organize for you. What Africa is suffering from is not money. What we are lacking is great souls. This continent is the world’s liability. And how did we get there, we produce what we don’t consume and we consume what we don’t produce.


“Democracy in its raw form will not work here. The highest level of freedom is psychology. That’s the freedom of armed robbers… freedom without rules is a vice. Civilization is giving us the machines, but the truth is that in the future we will become the machines.


“In the future when you enter a shop you won’t need a card because once you appear they will know what you can buy and what you can’t buy”. He said while the world is moving ahead that mediocrity is what is selling in Nigeria. And that it is a shame that Nigerians can’t make a distinction between the better and the best. Although they can make out the difference between the good and bad.


He complained that the chase for material things has become a crisis in both Inside  and outside the Church. And that the areas for material acquisitions are negative and destructive, saying that some managers are good until break through comes.


As a way of summing up Shoriya urged his listeners to grow their content, package themselves better to grow their level of  thinking, read books, then he told them that they are “designed for value but the Nigerian system is not going to recognize it. So you have to recognize that”


Earlier Glowreeyah Braimah,a songstress had instructed that his audience should learn from everybody they encounter as everything is all about experience. Adding: “life will break you whether you like it or not. Life will humble you. Life will humble you – Nigeria will do it for you . That is what I have done with my brokenness. My song “Miracle worker” was communicated to me when my niece was in a coma for three weeks. And I promised God I will release the song if my niece  was healed.


And I heard” I will enlarge you, family and generation”.She said life is tough but if we go along the way, keep our head, we will surely get to where we are going, saying that she has been in her church choir for the last 17- 18 years.


And for her niece God healed her. Even though Glowreeyah ended up releasing the song in faith before her niece was healed.


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